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Older and TriPawd and feeling a little sore

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Hi everyone

It has been a while.

I think Tai has been feeling pain.  She often has to shift position to get comfortable or will sit up and look at me.  I will get down and rub her back and leg, which she seems to like.  I try not to let my worry show.

It is hard to believe she has been a TriPawd for 18 months!  She will be 16 this year.  Her cataracts are a bit more advanced – she will occasionally shy away from my hand or the harness – and I think some of the discomfort is from age.  She is on Rimadyl and Gabapentin.

Last weekend we stayed at my sister’s and had a great time.  My niece was there with her two small children and they were great with her.  We took Tai’s bed outside and she snoozed all day, surrounded by voices and activity.  My niece’s 6 year old daughter told me “I wish Tai had her leg, it makes me sad” and I told her that Tai wasn’t sad and didn’t even really know it was gone, that Tai was happy being around everyone and was happy to have snacks and car rides.

As long as all of that is still true, we’ll do what we do.   She is shifting position, I’m going to sit and rub her back.  Thank you all for listening, I know you all understand.

Written by traceym

May 3rd, 2018 at 11:49 pm

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  1. Hey Tracey,
    Yeah, we know what you mean. It’s hard to accept when any dog is aging but especially our Tripawd. We ask, “what could we have done / do differently?” “Did we do something to cause the pain?” All that goes through our heads.

    Know that you are doing everything absolutely right. Tai is an amazing pup to begin with and on three legs she is a total rock star. You are doing good by her.

    If you want to investigate other pain management options, see if something like Galliprant or other medications can be mixed in. Tramadol is falling out of favor with many vets, it’s not as good as everyone assumed. Other options are around so be sure to discuss with your vet OK?

    Much love to you both, thanks for the update.


    7 May 18 at 11:45 pm

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